We call ourselves farmstead soapmakers because, like farmstead cheesemakers, the milk is what makes the difference in our products. We only use milk from the animals we raise, and our soap is only crafted on our farm. This approach allows us total control of the quality and process from start to finish, and that means fresh, nutrient-rich and moisturizing skin products for you.

Following traditional methods of cold-process soapmaking, our soaps are made in small batches using goat milk only from our herd and high quality, sustainable plant and vegetable oils. The soap is hand-poured into individual molds, chilled overnight to preserve its natural milky coloring, and then cured on racks in our soap studio for 5 to 6 weeks.

Since our farm is small, to farmstead limits our production possibilities, but we see that as a benefit as farmstead soapmaking keeps us focused. And our focus is on handcrafting a product that is natural and nourishing for your skin. Farmstead soapmaking makes it possible to share what we know about soapmaking and farming with you through our classes and Farm Trails, and to put together our “soap boxes” for gift-giving that reflects Sonoma County agricultural roots.

We had goats growing up (that’s me in the very '70s turtleneck and short ensemble with my first goat—and sporting my first attempt at cutting my bangs alone in the bathroom). And I’m sure those goats played a significant part in wanting to raise our kids on a small farm. As did my Granny’s family—they were Portuguese farmers in the Central Valley, and the few times we visited as children, coupled with the many stories from my Mom and my Granny made an indelible impression too. When we started The Goat Farm, I thought things were coming full circle, but it wasn’t until a few years afterward I found out how true it was. The Portuguese relatives I was telling you about? Well, my grandmother’s maiden name was Cabral--it turns out that family name in Portuguese roughly translates to “goat farmer.” And that has made me love our little farmstead all the more.


A Farmstead Family