PopUp Soapmaking Parties For Kids

Are you “clean out” of unique birthday party ideas for your child? The Goat Farm can provide a Soapmaking Pop-Up Party in your home, providing a creative crafting experience for your birthday child and up to nine party guests. Our super soap instructors will set up the activity area before your party begins, lead a 60 to 75 minute crafting session where each guest will make three soaps or bath products, clean up the activity area and have personalized gift bags ready for each child to take home at the end of the party. 

We have two party options to choose from:

Party Option 1: Melt & Pour Soapmaking


Activity 1: Intro and make Heart or Moustache Minisoaps. We will show how to color and scent melt and pour soap. The birthday girl or boy picks and helps add the scent and color, and then the “lollipops” are poured for each guest to take one home.


Activity 2: Embedded Toy Soap Activity. Each guest picks from rubber duckies, erasers, lego minifigures, or plastic animals that will be embedded in their soap. Then each guest will choose the scent and coloring to finish their creation.


Activity 3: Layered and Cutwork Soap: For this colorful project, the kids cut out shapes from soap sheets to decorate the tops of the soap, and then learn how to layer soap to make one festive bar of soap!



Party Option 2: DIY Spa Day


Activity 1: Intro and each guest will make and flavore a lip balm or lip scrub.

Activity 2: Shower Cupcake Soap or Loofah Soap. Both of these clever soap projects incorporate a bath scrubbie or loofah into their design. Guests will be able to choose the scent and coloring for their soaps.

Activity 3: Body Scrub or Bath Bomb. Party guests will make a jar of body scrub or a bath bomb to take home.


Parties are $250 for up to ten kids (birthday child and nine guests). Price includes all equipment and supplies for the three activities, 30 to 40 minutes activity area set up by a teacher and assistant, crafting session and clean-up. The three soaps/bath items will be wrapped up in personalized gift bags ready for you to give as favors at the end of the party.

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