Cold Process Soapmaking Workshop

March 24, 2018

1 to 5:30 pm

at the Fiber Circle Studio in Cotati

In this hands-on workshop you will create your own two-pound batch of cold process soap from scratch. We will cover the ingredients required, tools needed, and how to safely work with sodium hydroxide at home. After the presentation and teacher demo, you will create and scent your very own batch, with your instructor able to answer any questions and help along the way. All materials are provided, and students will be taking home a two-pound wooden soapmaking mold, gloves, goggles, soapmixing bucket, and soap recipe.

Natural Lotion Making

May 09, 2018

6 to 9pm

at the Santa Rosa Junior College

Have you ever stood in a cosmetic shop, overwhelmed at the variety--and prices--of skin moisturizers? In this demonstration class you’ll learn the different properties of oils and butters (and which to use to address specific skin concerns, adding antioxidants and preservatives, and all the ingredients and supplies needed for lotion making. Three products will be demonstrated (a lotion, cream and salve) and students will be able to custom scent theirs to take home.

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