Soapmaking is Awesome

Just finished up a melt and pour party favor project that turned out soooo cute.These lego minifigures were embedded in soaps that were colored to look like building bricks and scented with apple fragrance. Take enough baths with these bars and you'll get a lego minifigure as a reward!

Our soap business was born in part as a solution to a dilemma--what to do with all the rich and creamy milk we were getting from our goats. The soap we sell is farmstead goat milk soap made with the cold process method--a combination of craft and chemstry in which the milk and soap oil formulas saponify to make soap. To be true to its farm roots, we only scent those soaps with all natural essential oils. These are our "work soaps."

But melt and pour soaps (like the ones above) are so easy to make since all you have to do is, well, melt and pour, so when we make those we have so much fun--playing with festive colors and trying different fragrance oils ( has a great selection). So when we want to "play", these are the soaps we make. We don't sell these types of soap, but we do teach classes for kids in which they get to learn how to make their own melt and pour soaps. If you are interested in finding out more about these classes you can visit our classes page for more information.

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