Soap to Nuts

It’s been quiet around here. All our milking does are all dry right now, they get a well-deserved break (and in turn we do too!) in the months leading up to kidding season. There’s a lot of lounging and grazing going on, and the herd seems so quiet and mature. It will all change in a matter of weeks, when the kids start coming and the farm springs to life. I can’t wait.

Soap production slows once we dry the girls—we stockpile their milk beforehand in the form of ice cubes and fill the workroom freezer—and that freezer is now almost empty. But we put the downtime to good use preparing for the busy months ahead.

I attended the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild’s National Conference—this time in Indianapolis—and it was packed with great sessions and speakers on everything from small business branding workshops to chemistry lectures. I’ll be putting some of what I learned into practice in the upcoming months.

But right now I’m most excited about the new packaging that we’ll be unveiling next week (more on where in a moment). I wanted to keep our burlap bags because we received so many compliments about it during the holiday sales—especially at the Petaluma Craftarino (thank you!) but was craving more color. Illustrator Tiffany Everett redesigned all of our soap labels bringing both color and cohesiveness to the entire line—check out her website if you are ever in need of a graphic designer as she is remarkably talented and fun to work with to boot!

All the soaps will be sporting the new packaging starting next week—just in time for the Healdsburg Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 2nd. Please come by for the market’s opening day big bell ringing and say hello!

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