April on the Farm: Easter Eggs (sort of)

Happy Easter! While we usually get excited about the chocolate-filled variety of eggs on Easter Sunday around here, this year we're much more excited about the ones pictured above.

We spotted them last Saturday while doing some yard work. These 13 (!!!) eggs are duck eggs. Mama and Papa Duck had been making a lot of visits on our front lawn and around the house, but I never twigged that they were doing much more than pilfering the chickens' feed. Obviously they had.

The nest is near the mailbox, so close to the busy street it concerns me, but Mama Duck doesn't seem particularly nonplussed by the noise. Everytime we drive in we extend our heads out of the car to see if there has been any movement.

And there hasn't been any movement at all for poor Mama Duck. She just stalwartly lays there (a sitting duck, I suppose) and does her job. We talk about brave "mama bears" but really these dedicated and devoted "mama ducks" deserve a little more credit. Here she is, pretty well camouflaged and ever so patient.

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