Our First Farmer's Market

We sold at our first farmers market on Saturday, at the Healdsburg Farmers Market. All our "crew" (as in Tom and the girls) cleared their schedules to be there for the cowbell kickoff at 9, and helped throughout the day. It was very sweet to have everyone there, and seeing all the young families strolling the market reminded me of all our trips to farmers markets when my girls were little. (I attribute my younger daughter's love of lettuce and both girls' insatiable appetite for honey sticks to all those visits). Here are a few pictures from the day...

Stunning pottery and handmade wreaths from my neighbors across the way. This is a true farmers market, with only five craft vendors allowed, so we are so appreciative to be part of it!

The girls taking a well deserved break, munching on Sea Bakin' seaweed snacks from our neighbor next door.

Ella and Millie sported our new t-shirts--see that adorable goat?

It's another charming illustration from Tiffany Everett I just love her work!

We'll be at the Healdsburg Market most Saturdays, and have something special in store for anyone looking for Mother's Day gifts at the upcoming market--hope to see you there!

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