December on the Farm: The Great Crash of 2012

“On the Farm” feels like a bit of a stretch for most of December, I think “In the Car” was where we spent most of our time! So much hustle and bustle leading up to the holidays and with all the items on the to-do list that it really makes the downtime at home special—doesn’t it? It’s all the busy that makes those pockets of free time and quiet family activities so treasured.

Yesterday’s activity was putting up the tree. We always do live trees not only because of the way it scents the living room, but it’s a favorite post-holiday treat for the goats.

A few years after Tom and I were married, I started collected glass ornaments, a few every year. Sometimes they were just Christmas-y, but others were special to the year depending on what we did. Those folks at Olde World Christmas really have quite the collection range. When we lived on Humboldt Street we had an artificial tree because the space was limited and the ceilings high, so we needed a tall, narrow tree. But when we moved here I was so excited to be able to get a fresh one we bought this huge, hearty, thick tree, decorated it with 14 years worth of ornaments, and proceeded to go bed only to be awoken a couple hours later by the crashing sound of 14 years of ornaments shattering. Oh-my-heart. Hardly any of the figurines made it, except for the ugly ones that we used as filler for the back. These were the random ones I found for 90% off in February. The two Radko ornaments I had (one for each of the girls the year they were born)? Smithereens. The Tiki Drink ornament? Unscratched. Isn’t that the way it goes?

We went Charlie Brown tree that year, and the next I started again, just one or two a year (and with much lighter trees and more stable tree stands). I’m trying for a farm theme, so far we have red wellie books, goats and chickens on the tree, these great filler pinecones from Beverly’s and the glass rounds that had survived the Great Crash of 2012. Here’s our 2015 ornament, a farm couple!

I hope your holidays are full of happiness and with those you love, and wishing you a happy, healthy 2016!

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