July in the City

We just got back from an action-packed week in San Francisco. We spent the better part of the month wrapping soap and creating a booth for the Renegade Craft Fair, which was brilliant. My parents offered to "hold down the farm" so all four of us could stay the entire weekend in SF, with the rare treat of not needing to worry about goat feedings or milkings. Then Tom packed up and headed home Sunday, while the girls and I stayed the week near San Francisco State University so Ella could attend a dance intensive there, and Millie spent the week learning how to stand-up paddleboard and kayak at Lake Merced. Going away on vacation during the summer is now a thing of the past for our family with all the goings on to tend to on the goat farm, so having a week of really special activities lined up for the girls instead seemed like a good solution. And it was. We found a charming place to stay through airbnb, got to spend part of our summer in the city, and everyone came home very content, and kind of exhausted.

Renegade was a blast. What a collection of creative vendors! I was so inspired walking around and seeing what everyone was selling. One of our neighbors, Goodnight June, made the most gorgeous baby blankets, with all materials sourced in California. They were so soft and beautiful I wanted to get one even if my "baby" is pushing 10. And I met Alana from Etta & Billie, one of my favorite soap shops, meeting so many amazing female entrepreneurs is always so inspiring!

I will say though that the Renegade weekend is a lot of work. I knew from attending the fair previously that our usual "plein air" booth configuration wasn't going to work. There are so many vendors in the pavilion, with so much going on in each booth, that you really need to enclose your space or it's too much to take in. So we did a bit of internet research and found a pvc booth post from Chapman Place that looked like a good way to go. We did scale down the height of the frame since it seemed so billowy, and had to fasten the fronts of the frames to our farm crates to keep things extra stable.

I've been taking the girls to farmer's markets and craft fairs since they were babies, and often times, especially at the craft fairs, there is so little for the little ones to do. So we dedicated a corner to create a photo booth for the kiddos. We made 300 milk soap moustaches and mini soaps to give out as free favors, and then kids could use the moustaches to take a photo with other farm props.

I'll say that one of the best parts of the fair is its Fort Mason location. It was a little humid, very unusual for this neck of the woods, so being right by the water was even better than usual. We had a great week of summer in the city, but we are so happy to be home again, 5:30 wake ups and all. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer too!

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